Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Link Dump

Friday Link Dump! But first, here’s your cute:

Eyebombing: It’s safer than planking, and less harmful than graffiti.

A Trip Through Time: If you liked my Old Photos post, you’ll LOVE this! For 22 years starting in 1909, French banker, Albert Kahn sent photographers around the world to collect images for his “Archives of the Planet”. Today, his estate outside Paris is a museum displaying more than 1,500 images, 123 films, and 80 digital slideshows. The link is to an article written by Mimi Zeiger for AFAR Magazine which includes lots of nifty pictures.

PSA- Facebook Changed Your Email: This week, Facebook modified all profile pages without notifying users. If you listed your email address on your profile, it has been changed to The link is an article from Lifehacker providing clear instructions for changing it back. Boo, FB!

Competition Lady Beards: Did you know there are beard-growing competitions? Well, now you do. This year, the annual Los Angeles city beard competition decided to allow women to compete. (…with fake beards, of course.) There are lots of great pictures in this Daily Mail article.

MinimalisticPixar Movie Posters: Here’s the one for Up:

Happy Friday!

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