Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Link Dump

It's Friday! That means random little links! And a picture of a cute animal:
Source: imgur via Cutest Paw

I bought this today. It's been on my wishlist for years now, and I finally took the plunge!
$18 + Shipping at Topatoco

In the news: Duluth, Minnesota experienced flash flooding this week which caused two seals and a polar bear to escape. The polar bear didn't make it out of the zoo before being sedated, but here's a blurry picture of one scared-looking seal:
There's an article here about the flood, and another here about how they've moved the animals safely south. (The second article is my source for the pic, which sites the original source.)

If you liked my post last week about Scout Creative, you'll probably like this blog too! It's Mini Papercraft by Gus Santome; a blog devoted entirely to paper craft creations! (still not sure if that should be one word or two.)Here's a cute example of his work:

I feel like this post needs one more thing. So here's a nifty picture I found on Pinterest a while back:
I couldn't find the source, but the signature took me to Extra Ordinary Comics. I will have to check out their archives soon!

That reminds me! ThinkGeek introduced this product this week:
Leather dragon wings! I really want a reason to need these. But at $200, it would have to be for something really important. Maybe I can talk a friend into having a dragon-themed wedding someday... Anyway,

Happy Friday!

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