Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Link Dump

Welcome Back!
I finally feel recovered from holiday shenanigans and I have a big collection of links to share over the next few weeks! As always, let’s start with a cute:

More pictures of this baby as fairy-tale characters at the link.

Create a cartoon image of yourself as a character in the TV show, Mad Men.
I can’t watch this show (makes me super upset…) but I LOVE the look of it, so this was lots of fun for me.

Every day, these two librarians feature a new book begging to be taken off the shelves. I suggest starting with the Best of 2012. Rated PG13 
(Not the best site design, but the content is fun.)

This is the Pixar short from the beginning of Toy Story 3. If you are struggling with the whole “faith in humanity” thing today, this will be a great way to lift yourself up. Most of the video has no words, but there are some at the end, and the link above is not in English. (It sounds like Russian to me…?) YouTube has the English version of that end bit.

Here’s some more help with that faith in humanity. Irena Sendler saved Jewish babies from the Nazis. ‘Nuff said. (Source: Pinterest)


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