Friday, May 18, 2012

Up House IRL

Estimated Time-Suck: 5 minutes (+bonus 2 minute video)

Even if you haven't seen the Disney/Pixar movie "Up!" (and you should), I bet you have seen commercials featuring images like this one:

Up! The balloons were filled with a whole tank of helium and were eight foot high. It took 300 of them to get the light-weight house airborne  

I would love to be able to fly like that in real life. I didn't think it was possible, but last March, somebody did!

Magic: The Up! house which will be part of a new National Geographic TV series called How Hard Can It Be? was 10 stories high, including the balloons. It reached 10,000 feet and flew for about one hour

National Geographic sent two lucky balloon pilots 10,000 feet high for an hour in their Up! house. They built a special lightweight house and used hundreds of eight-foot weather balloons. It's all part of a new show they're launching this fall called "How Hard Can it Be?"

Check out this Daily Mail article for more gorgeous pictures.
There's also a YouTube video showing the house and volunteers in action.
(I have not vetted this video, but it's only ~2min long.)

And thanks goes to my friend Seth for posting this story on Pinterest.

Update: I thought you might like these too:
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Source: Pinterest (I tried very hard to find the original source, but only ran into tons of dead-ends.)

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Source: Discovered on Pinterest. Originally from the baby's mom who blogs at Auburn Soul Photography. (More pics at link.)

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