Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Link Dump

Hello again. Here's a cute, and then some links:

I couldn't find the original source. Via: Pinterest

Phone Game

One of the members of the band OkGo (of which I'm a fan) made this phone game.
It is one of the many things which makes me wish I could afford a smart phone.
Even without one, the promotional video was fun to watch.

Science Video

Here is a video about nano-science, narrated by Stephen Fry (who is awesome).
It's about 17 minutes long. It was made by Cambridge University. And it is fascinating!
(Via: Upworthy)

Faith In Humanity Video

This is a 5 1/2 minute compilation of footage from car cams in Russia. 
As I understand it, those folks must all have a camera on the front of their vehicles for insurance purposes.
What was captured are some pretty rad random acts of kindness.
Seriously, I was smiling for hours after watching this! (Via: Upworthy)

New Webcomic

Well, new to me. My friend Kira recommended this to me after I said that my husband and I would make great super-villains. I plan to spend the rest of my rainy afternoon reading this and smiling maniacally.

Happy Friday!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Link Dump

I know, it's been forever. But it's not you, it's me. Really. Anyway, here we go:

Can't be mad at me anymore, can you?
Black & White Videos

(source: Epbot)
If you like the opening of UP, but hate how it makes you cry, this is for you.

(source: ThinkGeek)
Mind-blowing home-grown special effects!


Late for Earth Day


(source: Lifehacker)
A meditation guide for the modern age.


Mental Floss: 50 Common Misconceptions

There's no more, because I'm going camping!!