Friday, May 18, 2012

Good morning. How may I help you?


For my inaugural post, I'd like to explain a bit of what I dream this blog will be. I spend lots of time putzing on the internet. It's fun! But it's not terribly productive. I thought maybe it could become productive if I made a blog for sharing the best of what I find with folks who have less free time on the computer than I do. (...practically everyone) So this is it!

I intend to blog with integrity. I will try to follow every link to its origins and credit all of my sources. If I miss something, please call me out on it. I assure you, any omission will be a sad accident. F
or starters, my current background image is from the Flickr of mpujals. I am using it under a creative commons license. (The same goes for my profile pic.)

Now, let the blogging begin!!

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