Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Link Dump

Today's post will just be a bunch of tiny, unrelated things I came across this week while exploring the interwebs. But first, here's a cute puppy!
That’s a Licker to Me

Source: Cutest Paw

5 Celebrities Who Got Famous by Being Obsessed Fanboys

Cracked Article: highlights include members of Harry Potter and Doctor Who universes.
(10 minutes)

Finding the First Americans

NY Times Article: The gist is scientists now agree, people have been living in the "new world" for longer than we recently thought.
(10 minutes)

Related(ish) Comic by Matt Bors:

And this exists:

The laser-strummed air guitar can be purchased from our friends at ThinkGeek.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!! (Or "weekend", if you're not in the states.)

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