Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Link Dump

Hello again. Welcome to the Link Dump. Here’s a cute wombat to get you started:

CalendarIt’s time for a new monthly calendar. We’re still waiting on September from Rebekka at Dear Friend, but here’s one from Scout Creative:

Thinking Cap: If you liked Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech featured here last month, now you can wear a piece of it! NeverWear, Gaiman’s merch site, is selling an embroidered black knit cap just in time for the approach of cooler weather.
Price $15.95

Sleeping Beauties: On to new things! In Ukraine, an art exhibit explores matchmaking and fairytales with a social experiment. Five women have volunteered to lie “sleeping” in the National Art Museum two hours a day for three days. Men then sign up to kiss the girls. One at a time they approach her bier and are allowed one kiss on the lips only. If she opens her eyes, they are contractually obligated to marry. You can read the full article, and watch a video at the Telegraph website and read a summary at the museum’s website.
via @wired

Soul Mates: Someone else worked out the chances of these Ukrainians meeting their soul mates, and it doesn’t look good. I love the brainy web comic XKCD (when I understand it). Its creator, Randall Munroe, has recently started a blog called “What If: Answering your hypothetical questions with physics, every Tuesday.” This week, the question was “What if everyone actually had only one soul mate, a random person somewhere in the world?”
He references a Tim Minchin song. I highly recommend you check that out too.

Revealing Hair-Do: In 1944, LIFE magazine published a helpful guide for girls to subtly communicate their current soul mate searching status. In 2012, my friend pinned it from Retronaut, and I found it hilarious!

Dancing Babies: All this soul mating, while often nauseating to single folks, can sometimes result in some awesome cute-ness. Behold: a video of 11 month old twins dancing. You’re welcome.


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