Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Link Dump

I really like Valentine's Day! It's when I had my first date with my husband. But I understand many of you do not. (I didn't always love it either.) Don't worry, there's some stuff for you here too.

First: good news for those who aren't into hearts so much. The Lunar New Year began last Sunday. It’s now the year of the snake! Here are two paper craft snakes to celebrate:

Mr. Printables

psst… Mr. Printables also has a bunch of cool Valentine’s Day stuff:

Speaking of printables, check out this nifty DIY valentine from A Practical Wedding:

Don’t love papercraft? Is your Valentine far away? Printer broken? Ruche can rescue you with some fun, free e-cards:

If you’re stuck trying to think of something to write in your card, try Emergency Compliment:

It’s like a cross between Daily Odd Compliment and the Calming Manatee (from a link dump forever ago).
Also it’s a good pick-me-up if the holiday has you feeling down.

Is all this feely stuff hurting your logic centers? Check out this info-graphic on the science of kissing:

(10 million bacteria… yum…)

For further analysis, check out this 3-minute video from ASAP Science exploring “The Science of Love”:

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