Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Calendar Round-Up

Happy New Year!

Some changes have arrived with the new year, and I'm afraid I only have two calendars to share today. I'll be keeping my eye out for more though. First, a very fresh cute!

(This is how my husband woke me up this morning. He's the best!)


Wild Olive
This month's design is also available as a pattern for tiling.

Hello Cuteness!
Did you know premium text-editable versions of Hello Cuteness calendars are available in their shop? Also, 2013 is the last year they plan to release a free version, so enjoy them while you can!


Rebekka of Dear Friend has re-located. She's now bloging and artsy-ing at I have every confidence that she'll release a pretty January calendar soon, but it looks like she had a busy New Year's celebration. I'll update this post if/when she does.

Rebekka Seale


Scout Creative has mysteriously disappeared. Their website has become just a single page with this lonely image. This morning, it included a link to a general email address; but now that's gone too. This makes me sad because I was a big fan. I hope they get things sorted and start making awesome papercraft again soon!

Scout Creative is now Foto Crush. They just sent out an email. They say:
"As we looked back upon 2012, we realized just how much our Calendar of the Month Club has grown. It seemed to us that it has become bigger than Scout, bigger than itself. And so, we've decided to dedicate a whole new program to these monthly exploits: Crush of the Month—our love affair with creativity that goes beyond paper calendars."

Here is January's crush:

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