Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Link Dump

I've been hanging on to this cute for a while now (Via Pinterest):

Now, on with the links!

First! Some Christmas crafts. Because I put up my tree the day I got home from Thanksgiving travels.

Easy Papercraft Ornaments:

This site is in Dutch, but there's a big "Download" button
at the top which will give you the PDF. (source: Paper Toy)

Just print, cut, and punch!
From Mollie at Wild Olive (who makes awesome calendars too)
There's also a nativity set!

Star Wars Snowflakes:

I've made a few of these this year. I highly recommend an X-Acto knife.
They are kind of tough, but they look super cool.

Big News for Children of the '90s:

If that's not you, I'm sorry. Go ahead and skip this.
The actors who played Cory and Topanga on the 90's show "Boy Meets World"
(Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage) have signed up to do a new spin-off show.
It's called "Girl Meets World" and will be about their daughter.
More info here, photo source here, and thanks to Aaron for the tip!

Word of the year:

The Oxford English Dictionary has named "omnishambles" the word of the year for 2012.
It originated on a BBC political satire I've never seen, but I'm still super excited.
This is one word of the year I plan to put to good use!


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