Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Link Dump

A Friday Link Dump is upon us! Here’s a cute to get you started:

Scout Creative made two calendars this month! Here’s the one I haven’t already shared:

They also made these adorable Trick or Treat Monitor Monsters

XKCD gives us a whole stick-figure universe to explore. (Follow the link, then click and drag the big picture).
(I know this has been out for a few weeks now. But I want to make sure you didn’t miss it, because it is awesome.)

If clicking and dragging is taxing your wrists (it did mine), here’s a handy zoom-able version!

Full disclosure: I haven’t watched this with sound yet, but I wanted to end this post with something rad.  So here you go!


Hastily Googled instructions can be found HERE and HERE.


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