Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Link Dump

Hello. If you're looking for links, you're at the right dump. Here's a cute:

Calendar: Here's September from Dear Friend:

Star Trek: Today's Google Doodle is interactive! It celebrates the 46th Anniversary of Star Trek.

Google-Fu: Speaking of Google, here's a list of nifty things it can do. I was surprised by a lot of these.

Ugly Renaissance Babies: [Disclaimer: PG-13 (...especially today's entry.) Also, probably NSFW because of Virgin Mary boobies, etc.] This is a public Tumblr collecting images of ridiculously ugly paintings of babies from the European Renaissance and thereabouts. The babies are usually naked, and the jokes are usually crass. But I have a soft spot on my funny bone for the many, many middle-aged-man faced baby Jesus-es.

The Hole Book: A picture book published in 1908 by Peter Newell. It's the tale of the adventure of a carelessly shot bullet. They actually bored a hole through the middle of the book! The whole thing has been scanned for your reading pleasure. There is one solid example of racism, but it's otherwise very cute. Not bad for 1908, if you ask me. And the drawings are fantastic!


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