Wednesday, July 25, 2012


PostSecret is a continually growing collection of anonymous secrets. (Note: If the site were a movie, it’d be PG-13 at least, but I’ll keep this post G-rated.) It started out as a group art project in January of 2004. Artist Frank Warren distributed this post card and began collecting the responses:

The secrets have been pouring in ever since. Many of the post cards are not just interesting to read, but also compelling works of art.

Each Sunday, Frank shares a few of the best submissions on the blog, “Sunday Secrets”. The secrets are as diverse as the people who send them.

The anonymity of the post card allows people to share their silliest, scariest, and most shameful secrets without fear.

The idea has become quite a phenomenon over the years. The online community even has an annual picnic! Frank Warren has published four books, and goes on regular speaking tours called “PostSecret Live”. In 2010/2011 there was traveling art exhibition. And for a short while, there was a PostSecret iPhone app. Sadly, the app had to be shut down because of a few trouble makers posting offensive content. Still, it touched the lives of a lot of people:
(This was submitted after the app shut down. It was included in last week's Sunday Secrets.)

If you’d like to learn more, or join in the forum discussions; check out the PostSecret Community site. Also, they’re on Facebook. And if you’d like to send your own secret, mail it to:

13345 Copper Ridge Road 
Germantown, MD 20874 USA

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